IIISM is a premier educational institute in India by providing qualified safety professionals to MNC's and Govt Organizations, IIISM is putting continuous and greater effort to reduce the unemployment by providing jobs to young generation in different organizational sectors. 

The placement is very strong in IIIISM. Multinational Companies are continuously visiting to IIISM Campus to take the students. The students of IIISM are placed in core HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) domain Globally in reputed companies as safety Engineer / Safety Officer in Permanent role with handsome salary. of 5 Lakhs pa in MTR Food Pvt Ltd, AMZON, LM Wind power, VKC,  L&T, GE, GRIFFITH, Qatar Metro Rail, Honeywell, IBM, 3M, ABB, HERO HONDA Motors Pvt Ltd, ADM AGRO, ALSTOM, EXEDE Clutch India Private Limited etc

IIISM  2017-18 batch Students  pursuing 2nd Semester and Campus Recruitment Started. IIISM is given 100% placement record since 2009

Recently French Multinational Company ALSTOM TRANSPORT  ( Complete range of Equipment and Services in the Railway sector like Bullet train, Metro train and Exporting Locomotives to Sydney, Montreal, Germany etc)  visited IIISM campus Bangalore on 26th March,2018 for Recruiting Safety Engineers. ALSTOM Selected Seven IIISM Students with handsome salary.of 5.75 Lakhs pa. This is another placement record and another feather added to IIISM'S Cap.

On 06.04.2018 one more US Based company ADM AGRO visited IIISM Campus, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore for campus drive for Recruiting Safety Engineers. ADM AGRO Shortlisted Eleven IIISM  students with handsome salary between 5,25 Lakhs to 5.75Lakhs for permanent position. Shortlisted students are shown below. 

1. Akshay Deganvi 1ID17DIS04 ,2. Sameer Daronde 1ID17DIS49, 3. Krunal Panchiwala 1ID17DIS34, 4. Vamsee Krishna. 1ID17DIS48 ,5. Amit Patil. 1ID17DIS05 ,6. Nishanth Nair. 1ID17DIS29 ,7. Sujeet P Ambippi. 1ID17DIS56 ,8. Chethan Swaroop. 1ID17DIS21,9. Lins Thomas 1ID16DIS17 ,10. Jeetendra. 1ID17DIS17 ,11. Sangeeta Mamadapur 1ID17DIS50

Recently Japan based Company EXEDY Clutch India Pvt Ltd Selected IIISM Students for the Position of Safety Engineer. Congratulations to the Students and Good Luck.   


With the advent of rapid industrialization, there is an acute shortage of qualified Safety officer / Safety Engineer in the country, because of Government laid down Stringent Rules for compulsorily having Safety Engineer in all type of Industries. 

There are very few Safety Institutes in India. Students are very confused as to where to do the Safety course in India and which are the recognised Safety institutes in India. We come across many institutes that are offering many Safety Courses Providing certificates which is of No value. Due to the lack of awareness most of the students are ended in taking safety courses in Unauthorised / Fake safety institutes by wasting their valuable Time and Money.

The PGDISM- Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Management- course in IIISM is one such recognized institution and only Institute in Karnataka. It is Recognised by Directorate General of Factories and Boiler, Ministry of Labour under factories act 1948, Govt Order no KE29KBN2015, and Affiliated to VTU- Visvesvaray Technological University

Basic qualification for a  Safety Engineer must be BSc/MSc or 3 year Diploma or B.E / B.Tech or ME /M.Tech or AMIE. Along with this he or She has to complete one year Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Management (PGDISM) from Recognised Safety Institute Like IIISM (Bangalore).






Mr.Vaibhav Naik, Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


Mr.Elam Thendral, Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


Mr.Arun a, Safety Engineer, ALSTOM, 


Mr.Siddharth Asthana, Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


  Mr.Mrityunjay Kumar , Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


 Mr.Farhan Ahmad, Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


 Mr.Amrit Kumar , Safety Engineer, ALSTOM


 Mr.Vamsee Krishna, Safety Engineer, ADM AGRO


Mr.Keshav Prasad M, EHS Engineer, (Sponsored)


Mr S Raghothaman , Safety Engineer ,SKF (sponsored)

 Mr.Akshay deganvi,Safety Engg. Trainee, EXEDY India Ltd Bangalore.


Mr.Sujeet P Ambippi,Safety Engg Trainee,EXEDY India ltd. Bangalore

Mr. Chetan Swaroop, Safety Officer, L&T Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Krishna Reddy, Safety Officer,L&T Pvt. Ltd


Mr.Yeluri Manideep, Safety Officer,L&T Pvt. Ltd


Ms.Roopashri TN, Team Leader ,Transystem Logistics

Mr.Vinod S, EHS officer,JADE Engineers.


Mr. sakthi Vijay ,Safety executive, AMAZON, Bangalore

Mr. Ravi L,Safety Manager ,BEL,Bangalore(Sponsored by BEL)


Mr.Bhaskar SP, Safety Officer,HICAL Technologies pvt. ltd.


Mr. Dilip S, Safety officer, SKF Technologies pvt. ltd.(sponsored)







Mr. Sameer Deshpande, Safety Officer, amazon, Bangalore.

Mr.Lins Babu Thomas, Safety Engg Trainee,ADM AGRO India Pvt. ltd.

Mr.Timmala Lohit,Safety Officer,GAIL GAS INDIA LTD.

Mr. Venkatesh K, Safety Officer, AMAZON, Chennai

Mr. Vikram Pradeep Kumar,Safety Officer,PARUL INTERIORS PVT. LTD.

Ms. Renuka, Environmental Engineer, AMAZON

Mrs. Mamatha. M, Safety Officer, YASKAWA INDIA PVT. LTD.

Mr. Anshuman Dalei, EHS officer, amazon, Mumbai.

Mr. Raviranjan Singh, EHS officer, amazon, Chennai.

Mr. Abhishek gowda, Safety officer, GE, Bangalore

Mr. Sandeep kumar, EHS officer, amazon, Delhi.

Mr. Raja Suseendra, Safety officer, Talin Modular, Bangalore

Mr. Anil Sahadev Kale,Safety Oficer,BHARTIYA GROUPS

Mr. Indrapal Singh Yadav, EHS officer, amazon, Thane.

Mr. Md Tarif, EHS officer, AMAZON.

Mr. Hadfakar Vikesh, Safety engineer, Rosenberger Electronic, Goa.

Ms. Chandini K B, Project Assistant, Govt. Agency

Mr. Rangappa. K, Safety Engineer, BOSCH, Kormangala, Bangalore (Sponsor by BOSCH)

Mr. Sriram Miriyala, Senior Manager, HAL, Bangalore

Mr. Sujayendra Simha M S, Asst. Engineer, BHEL, Bangalore ( Sponsor by BHEL)  

Mr. Jayanta Kumar Sarmah, Program Manager, IBM, Bangalore

Mr. Amrit kumar Upadhyaya, Associate Manager, SC.JOHNSON, GUWAHATI

Mr. Arockia Praveen Ananda, Program manager, IBM, Bangalore

Mr. Arun Anat, EHS Executive, AUTOLIV INDIA PVT, LTD

Mr. Raghuveer N, Deputy Manager (Environmental), HAL, Bangalore

Mr. Ashrith D R, Assistant Manager (EHS), TESCO

Mr. Muthuraj S, Engineer, LM WIND POWER, Bangalore

Mr. Sampath Kumar, Mechanical Engineer, L&T

Mr. Shashikanth S M, Maintenance Engineer, HAIKAL, Bangalore

Mr. Nagaprashanth. P, Safety Head, Amazon, Bangalore

Mr. Nagaraj. C, DGM Safety, BEL, Bangalore (Sponsor by BEL)



Mr. Abhijit Das, Safety Engineer, AWIPL, Guwahati, Assam.

Mr. Abhilash Raddar, Safety Officer, Amazon, Hyderabad.

Mr. Avinash. B, Safety Engineer, BIOCON, Bangalore

Mr. Babu Ebiennezar R, Safety Engineer, CBRE

Ms. Chaitra, Safety Officer, Amazon, Bangalore.

Mr. Chintan Y Y, Safety Officer, ACME Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Debabrata Sahu, Safety Officer, Translogistic Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Deon Rich D'SA, Safety Officer, SFO Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Devebdra Pawar, Safety Officer, Hitech Builders

Mr. Jamadar Moushin Sherkhan, Safety Officer, Shapoorji Pallonji, Dubai 

Mr. Karanam Pradeep, Safety Officer, Sterling & Wilson

Mr. Karthik B N, Safety Officer, Aditya Auto Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Karthik K M, Safety Officer, GE

Mr. Kaustubh Kulkarni, 1st  placed in GE and again placed in amazon, Ahmedabad.


Mr. Keerthi R, Griffith Foods Pvt. ltd 

Mr. Kishore Kumar T A, Safety Officer, BIOZEN

Mr. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, Safety Officer, AUROBINDO PHARMA

Mr. Mriganka Sekhar Baruah, Safety Officer, Bansal Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Kasif MD, Safety Officer, L&T

Mr. Rakesh Morade, Safety Officer, Sahyadri Farmers Food Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Sai Krishna P, Safety Officer, Apollo Energy 

Mr. Prateek Patil, EHS officer, amazon, gourgoan.

Mr. Pratyush Pishrody, Safety Officer, VKC Group

Mr. Rakesh K, Safety Officer, 3M

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bharthi, Safety Officer, L&T

Mr. Rakesh Mohapatra, Safety Officer, HONEYWELL

Mr. Ramanjenaya Reddy, Safety Officer, Amazon, Hyderabad

Mr. Ravipathi Mourya, Safety Officer, AIZANT PHARMA COMPANY

Mr. Ritesh Dewangan, Safety Officer,

 First placed in KIRBEY and again placed as a EHS officer in Amazon.

Mr. Niranjana Raj, Safety Officer, AMAZON, COIMBATORE    


                                                               Mr. Saddam Hussain, Safety Officer, AMAZON, LUCKNOW

Mr. Sanjaya Bapu, Safety Officer, GE, Bangalore

Mr. Sharath Kumar Shetty, Safety Officer, SHAHI EXPORTS

Mr. Shubhadip Dutta, Safety Officer, L&T

Mr. Sowmya Ranjan Mehta, Safety Officer, HONEYWELL

Ms. Sowmya P, EHS Officer,

First placed in GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore and again placed in amazon.

Mr. Stallin Samuel, Safety Officer, SHAHI EXPORTS

Ms. Supriya B S, Safety Officer, MTR FOODS Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Umesh Gowda M, Safety Officer, L&T

Mr. Upendra Gupta, Safety Officer, SDG CONSTRUCTIONS QATAR

Mr. Sabari Raj V, Safety Officer, ONGC

Mr. K. Vasanthkumar, Safety Officer, KARAFI NATIONAL, KUWAIT

Mr. Venkobrao MS, Safety Officer, NR_GROUP, RANGARAO & SONS

Mr. Vijeth K, Safety Officer, ROBORT BOSCH

Mr. VISHAL Pande, Safety Officer, R J Builders

Mr. Yerram Setty Chandrababu, Safety Officer, DEEPAK NEXCEN FEEDS


        Mr. Saroj Kanth Mahauty, EHS Officer,
First placed in BHAMYS CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD and again placed in amazon 
        Mr. SACHIN K V, Safety Engineer, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
Mr. Gopalkrishna L, Senior Manager, VOLVO (Sposor by VOLVO)
Mr. Mahadev Murthy, Manager Safety, LM WIND POWER (Sponsor by LM WP)
Ms. Spoorthi L, EHS officer,
First placed in Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial System (TMEIS) and again placed in amazon.
Mr. Manjunath, Safety Engineer, LM WIND POWER
Ms. Bhavana, Environmental Compliance Engineer,
First placed in TCS and again placed as a EHS officer in amazon.
       Mr. Santhosh A
        Mr. Abhinash
Mr. Chandan, Safety Officer, ABB
         Mr. Santhrust
Mr. Vinay Nataraj, he was with Airport Authority of India, now doing MS in SWEDEN.

Mr. Guruchanna basavaih, Safety Officer, SPARGEO INFRA Pvt, Ltd.

Mr. Venkatrajan, Safety Officer, PEPSICO















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